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Take control of your appetite and get your life and health back.

Why choose REDEEM?

  • REDEEM controls our biggest enemy…APPETITE. From the first time you take REDEEM you’ll notice a smaller appetite. When you have your meal, you’ll notice you get full faster. You won’t have the desire to stuff yourself, and you can walk away from the table satisfied, and feeling good about yourself.

Diets never work for me!

  • With REDEEM there’s no need to diet. You can eat the same foods you eat…JUST LESS OF IT! With less appetite you may even find yourself wanting to make smarter nutritional choices, which always leads to better health.

I never have any energy during the day!

  • As soon as you start taking REDEEM you’ll notice amazing energy! You’ll have more energy throughout your day, and you’ll be more active.  You may even start that workout program you’ve been putting off for so long !! Being more active means a leaner you!!

Appetite control supplements make me jittery, I can’t sleep!

  • Not with REDEEM! REDEEM is STIMULANT FREE and contains no caffeine. No more blood sugar spikes and that terrible crash. Our patent pending formula is a HEALTHIER WEIGHT LOSS ALTERNATIVE.

Give REDEEM a try. What do you have to lose, except all the extra weight you put on over the years!!

Will I have to take it before every meal?

  • Absolutely not. REDEEM is a ONCE DAILY formula that you can take any time during the day. You may even find yourself taking it later in the morning to control your urge to snack later in the evening.

The older I get, the slower my metabolism is.

  • Our CLINICALLY PROVEN metabolism accelerant will kick your metabolism into high gear, making your body more efficient at burning that additional weight you’ve put on over the years! Check out our RESEARCH page.

Is REDEEM affordable?

  • We wanted to make REDEEM affordable to everyone. With no special pre-packaged diet food plans or expensive shakes required, you’ll find REDEEM well within your budget. You may even find yourself spending less than normal at the grocery store!

How can I get REDEEEM for myself?

  • REDEEM is readily available on our website. REDEEM is quickly delivered right to your door, and there’s always FREE SHIPPING. Just click the order button below.
Discover what our clients already know…REDEEM WORKS!


DEVON from Arizona | One of our REDEEM team members killing it with just a few weeks on REDEEM. Down 25lbs no change in diet. Eats on her schedule. This woman also battles PCOS and still kicking but in the gym!

CRESTLYNN from Akron, OH

Redeem Weight Loss Appetite Suppressant

SAMUA CHERRY  |  I love REDEEM! Within a couple of days the first thing I noticed was my energy level! I had been struggling with that for years and had looked at many different potential issues and natural solutions and never found anything! No matter when I went to bed nor how little I did throughout a day every morning was a struggle to get up!

Since using REDEEM, within a few days my body would naturally wake up earlier than I’ve ever been able to and be ready to go!! I’m a pretty active and healthy person, but REDEEM was great in helping me lose those last few pounds after I plateaued and just giving me a leaner look!!

There’s no jitters or shakiness, no crash at any point during the day, and I love that it’s an all natural product as that is very important to me and my lifestyle!!


RICK FREEMAN  |  I began taking REDEEM at the end of February when I met Tony and he began telling me all the benefits of the product.  It sounded great; however I was really skeptical at the time.  I have been lifting weights for twenty years and have no issues with adding strength and mass etc. but when it came to cutting down I felt like I always came up short.  My appetite was always a factor because when I dieted I was always hungry which often led me to over eat at night, and add too many “cheat meals”.  When I began taking REDEEM the fat and sugar cravings disappeared virtually immediately!  I now recommend this to all my clients that have a significant fat loss goal, and even the ones doing contest prep!  The numbers speak for themselves as far as me.  I lost 23lbs in six weeks.  When I started REDEEM in February I was 252, now I am down to 229.  I am going to continue to take REDEEM, it is hands down the most effective appetite suppressant I have ever taken, and it is stimulant free so I can keep loading up on my scoops of pre-workout! lol

Rick Freeman
Regional Director
Onyx Fitness Co.

REDEEM: A Healthier Weight Loss Alternative


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Dieter – Radio Show Host, Rover's Morning Glory, WMMS – Cleveland, Ohio

REDEEM is a fresh, new approach to a leaner you. By controlling your biggest adversary…your APPETITE!

Eat the same foods you normally eat, JUST LESS OF IT. No expensive special diets, meal plans or shakes. Our STIMULANT-FREE, Patent-pending formula will give you more energy, to CRUSH your day with new INTENSITY. Be ready to discover what our clients already know…REDEEM WORKS!

60 Capsules Per Bottle


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I tried this in May and honestly can say it works. Does what it promises. I am always so hungry a few hours after dinner but with REDEEM I don’t have those urges at all any more. I’ve lost 11 pounds as a result. It just works.


Lost 20 lbs using REDEEM in 2 months!

Rachel Mathesau

Been taking it over a week & have definitely noticed a drastic loss in appetite. Will absolutely buy more.

REDEEM paired with Muscle Sentry gives you unbelievable results. 110% recommend for any athlete

I love taking REDEEM because it curbs my appetite for unnecessary snacking which is my biggest diet fail. I feel like I am in control of what I eat and I can make healthier options because I don’t get to the starving feeling that encourage binge eating.

REDEEM is unique and far exceeded my expectations. It’s not your typical weight loss supplements, with other supplements I’ve felt uncomfortably jittery. I do not experience anything like that with REDEEM. I actually feel focused and love the fact that I’m not tired throughout the day.

In the short time I’ve been taking REDEEM, I have already noticed areas that I have not seen for a period of time! I definitely would suggest this product to others.

Randy Gonzales

Incredible supplement – I’m not constantly hungry!

Steve Broz

Started using REDEEM as part of a diet overhaul. Focused on better food choices primarily, but took REDEEM as a “safety net” knowing how often I get hunger cravings that cause me to overeat. Though I lead a highly active lifestyle, my metabolism is starting to slow as I age and extra pounds are appearing without provocation – but with the combination of better choices and REDEEM, I’m cutting excess weight rapidly. I’m building better muscle mass and leaning out my body fat, for an overall net loss of 7 lbs so far in just a month of use. Happily, I have noticed none of the side effects other appetite suppressant/weight loss pills have shown (such as nausea, jitters, or headaches); instead I have noticed a slight increase in energy and alertness, along with the expected effects of fewer cravings and feeling fuller faster. Great addition to my wellness-focused lifestyle!

Amanda Nyx

All day energy and destroys cravings.


I couldn’t do my pre-contest prep without it. Im not hangry!!!

Wendi Gorman Sturm

Best addition to my fitness lifestyle!

Amanda Hinton

Haven’t had the urge to to stop and get a quick bite to eat, which for me equals fast food. They also seem to make me feel more full between meals.

Steven West
redeem sup Facts

What REDEEM Users Are Saying…

“Great product , haven’t had the urge to to stop and get a quick bite to eat which for me equals fast food. They also seem to make me feel more full between meals”
-Steven West

“I have unending energy with REDEEM and keeps my eating in check! Best addition to my fitness lifestyle”
Amanda Hinton

“Definitely helps reduce my cravings and helps avoid binging. Only a few weeks, but down a few pounds… Always skeptical, but I’m liking this. Not stimulant feeling, not jittery… Just better. Feels like good stuff.”
Deanne Snider

“The best appetite suppressant EVER!!!!! I couldn’t do my pre-contest prep without it. I’m not hangry!!!”
Wendi Gorris Sturm

“This stuff works!! Been taking it over a week & have definitely noticed a drastic loss in appetite. Will absolutely buy more.”
Randi Gonzalez